I grew up in northern New Jersey , in a suburban town a lot like Greenlawn (which doesn't mean, in case you're wondering, that "The World of Normal Boys" is a "true story"). In one way or another I've always written fiction, going all the way back to when I hid out in my bedroom and made up stories of boys who were very much like me, except for the fact that their lives were exciting. After attending film school at Ithaca College, I moved to New York City in the late '80s, found work in film production and, later, in magazine publishing, and made a lot of noise with ACT UP and Queer Nation. I wrote journalism, mostly film-related, for Out, The Advocate, The Village Voice and a few other publications. For the last seven years I've lived in San Francisco, where I make a living as a freelance writer and web flunky.

What Did YOU Look Like in 1978?
What Did YOU Look Like in 1978?
When I decided I'd rather write novels than screenplays, I left NYC for Tucson, to enroll in a creative writing MFA program at the University of Arizona. I didn't last long in Tucson--after New York it was pure culture shock, plus I didn't have a car to traverse the long desert highways, and I sunburn way too easily. I moved to San Francisco and transfered to the writing program at San Francisco State University. While I finished my MFA, I worked a string of different jobs, including managing a Victorian B&B, working for a vision research foundation and word-processing my way through innumerable temp jobs (hello repetitive stress injuries!). Eventually I landed at the grassroots nonprofit Film Arts Foundation, where I was the Associate Editor of the monthly film magazine, Release Print, as well as the manager of the FAF website.

During this time I started the novel that became "The World of Normal Boys," and had a number of short stories published in Modern Words, an excellent journal no longer in existence, and The James White Review. I won some prizes, too: a Transatlantic Review/Henfield Prize for short fiction, and the Clark-Gross Award for my then in-progress novel.

In 1997 I dusted off my high school clarinet and joined a group of friends who'd formed a (soon-to-be-legendary) band called The Cubby Creatures. Along with our music, which has been called everything from "post-modern" to "baroque," we produce a 'zine, a cable access show and an ever-changing website. Earlier this year, I was accepted for a month-long residency at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, where I started work on a second novel, which is set in San Francisco in the late '90s and early '60s.

What else? I'm an omnivore, a Sagittarius, an obsessive book buyer, a pop culture junkie, a wannabe Buddhist, and a lover not a fighter. I think I'll end the bio there. You can send email to normalboys@hotmail.com. Literary representation is handled by Manus & Associates Literary Agency in Palo Alto, California. Phone: (650) 470-5151.